Become an Audition Master! (Full day class 3/22)

The introduction class was a great success, everyone had a fun time and enjoyed many “ah-ha” moments.

Now, it’s time to Master the Audition!

Master Seminar – March 22nd  10am to 6pm  (midtown Manhattan location)

You’ve done your homework. Your instrument is at its peak. You know the part, the lines, the emotion and the motivation. But do you feel you are you worthy of the part? Of course you are, however sometimes you might show up for the audition with a bit of doubt (fear? anxiety?) and telegraph that feeling to the casting director. You wish you only thought about the best things that you offer, but you just aren’t sure if you have what it takes; what they want; or even if you are worthy.

In this first-time ever one day seminar, Gene Hirschel, a master in the field of behavior consulting and shaping, will show you specialized techniques that break though your existing mental limitations. Gene doesn’t just tell you how to effect these changes; he actually uses the most advanced Quantum NLP and Ericksonian technologies to install new behaviors directly into your mind and body. Gene Hirschel has been on TV, radio and taught at the School of Visual Arts as well as many top corporations. For the first time, he brings his amazing techniques to the acting community so you too can master this crucial step in stage and screen success — and get the part!

Imagine after this seminar:

  • Easily identifing and connecting to the decision maker(s) at the audition
  • Learning to gain a deep rapport with almost anyone!
  • Become an expert at automatically calling in confidence and using it.
  • Entering a room expecting the very best performance from yourself and then– experiencing exactly that!
  • Clearly picture and know in your heart that you are absolutely worthy and deserving of the part
  • Learn how to “pre-charge” the room with positive outcome energy.
  • Mentally re-map previous auditions in your past to create an unstoppable “audition machine”


These behaviors will not only help you during auditions, but in every other part of life as well. Come for the benefits and enjoy your time in this class as you explore and then realize your true potential and worthiness.

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adminBecome an Audition Master! (Full day class 3/22)

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