Consider the negative recourse of Stress & Anxiety

Stress may only look like six tiny letters, but it’s a big word with a very big impact on the health and happiness of day to day life. It can affect well being, make whole weeks seem like a jumbled mess and leave sufferers hopeless and depressed. Triggers can lurk in annoying but benign events like traffic jams, slow elevators and approaching deadlines that other people seemingly sail through without issues. The truth is not that those confident people don’t have or feel stress; they have simply learned how to effectively manage it with techniques like stress relief hypnosis to minimize the impact it has on their lives. Without that control, stress and anxiety can swiftly overwhelm a less prepared individual. While well-meaning friends and family may tell you to “just breathe” in times of high stress or anxiety, the act of “breathing” by itself isn’t enough – you need an idea to focus on, a mental place to go to in order to make this technique work well. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for discovering and building upon this necessary mental place.

Hypnotherapy helps with clinical symptoms associated with Stress & Anxiety

While closing your eyes isn’t always a viable solution – it can’t be used while driving, for instance – closing out the stressful triggers and anxiety issues is. Hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress will teach your subconscious brain how to build and reinforce a wall that isolates you from situations that can lead to a meltdown, enabling you to better navigate your day-to-day life. Your hypnosis therapist will work with your particular difficulties to assemble the best plan of action when it comes to beating anxiety, a personalized approach that will stand up to even the most stressful situations. This specialized focus ensures that your solution truly works for you, as opposed to a non-hypnotic supposed cure intended to apply to all types of stress. Your stress and anxiety are problems that are unique to your life, and they deserve an equally unique approach in terms of treatment.

If you imagine your coping mechanisms as a battery, life is an extremely high drain on that battery. Unless that battery is refilled with your own energy, life will not work very well as you travel through your work and home life each day. Using hypnotherapy techniques to beat stress and anxiety ensures that your “circuit” is in good working order, and you’ll face each day with more energy and capability than ever before.

Minimize your reactions to stress and anxiety and learn how to live a more fulfilling and energetic life through hypnosis therapy. Call our office and schedule an appointment now – don’t put your life on hold while you struggle. We’re here to help!

If you have a fear or phobia, you may have already experienced the emotional pain of others telling you to “just get over it” when a trigger appears. Phobias and genuine fears are difficult to deal with and can really disrupt your daily activities; the truth of the matter is that if just getting “over it” was an option, you would have done so long before now. The stigma that these problems can simply be wished away not only makes sufferers feel minimized, it can also discourage them from seeking real help through methods like hypnotherapy for phobias. We understand that this stigma is damaging and counter-productive, and in that vein, you will never have to wonder if your fears will always be treated as legitimate in our office. As with many other life issues, the first step is acknowledging the problem and we’re ready to acknowledge it along with you through hypnosis.

Coping with a fear or phobia is not only about addressing a direct trigger, such as an individual with arachnophobia seeing a spider, it is also about dealing with the fear it could happen. Even if a fear is extremely unlikely to happen, paralyzing phobias do not follow logic and can’t simply be explained away.  Hypnosis therapy for phobias helps patients to remain calm in the face of their trigger, as well as during the times when it only lurks in the potential shadows. By removing the constant concern that a trigger could appear, as well as the fear that you won’t be able to cope if it does, you’ll be able to live a more fulfilling life through hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy works for Fears & Phobias

Certain fears can be partially addressed through support groups and even internet forums, but other phobias are unusual enough that those that have them feel very isolated. Specific traumas can even create an entire scenario – a time, place, a collection of events – that haunts the sufferer’s dreams and causes insomnia or poor sleeping habits. A hypnosis treatment for phobia can be adapted to incorporate these multiple facets and truly defeat the fear, rather than covering it up with generalized techniques. The coping tips and self-soothing guidance that your hypnotherapist offers will empower you to take back your life and stop waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. When a trigger rears up in your life, hypnosis ensures that you’ll know exactly how to handle it as well as the feelings of panic it brings. You deserve a life free of fear and phobias, and hypnosis will give it to you. Tell your fears that they no longer hold sway over your life – call our office today and book your hypnosis session for phobias.

Are You Tired of Pain?

If you have a serious injury or pain disorder, you already know that learning to live a fulfilling life while dealing with chronic pain issues is challenging at best. Physical therapy and medication help with the tangible symptoms, but eventually there is always free time when your brain seems to zero in on pain and ensuing stress in a seemingly sadistic cycle. Hypnotherapy for pain management can offer a respite from this cycle, in essence “retraining” your subconscious to better cope with the pain itself as well as directing mental focus away from it. It does work, and more importantly, it works without side effects and won’t interfere with current medications or other treatments.

The signals for your body to feel pain are routed through your brain, so it only makes sense to direct at least part of your pain management plan through it as well. Hypnosis for pain management will teach you breathing and relaxation methods that can be used both in your session as well as out of it. These effective techniques give you the tools you need to help control issues like tense muscles and high blood pressure, both of which exacerbate pain.

Hypnotherapy provides fortitude over pain

One of the biggest benefits to using hypnosis to manage pain is that it can be used in conjunction with other methods. Rather than using just hypnosis therapy, successful patients layer their hypnosis sessions with alternative options like massage as well as physical therapy and medications. By attacking the pain on several fronts, patients are better able to enjoy a life free of painful interruptions. While all medical professionals involved in your treatment plan should be made aware that you are pursuing hypnosis, there are also no complications with medicine or exercise to be concerned about ; that’s one less stress hurdle to clear on the road to physical recovery.

Patients that are living with a chronic pain condition often have to endure long, difficult testing at medical offices during the course of their treatment. These visits can stir up anxiety, frustration and a host of other negative feelings that can keep treatment from being as effective as possible. By learning and using the relaxation and stress-busting techniques of a qualified hypnosis professional, that upcoming medical exam won’t seem like such a huge deal. If you’re tired of pain, the stress of worrying about your condition or just want to support your physical recovery from an injury, it’s time to add hypnosis for pain management to your plan. Call our offices today and book your appointment. It’s time to put pain in its place:  out of your life.

Understand your Weight Loss issue

The journey to a healthy self-image is a goal that runs right alongside efforts to lose weight. Without properly addressing the core of a problem with overeating, even those that have managed to slim down already are facing a seriously uphill challenge in the weeks and months to come. While dieting and similar efforts are obviously a necessary component to losing weight, image therapy and emotional control through methods like hypnosis are equally vital in the fight against fat. Using one without the other will only be semi-effective at best, leading into a damaging cycle of intensified self-image struggles and subsequent crash dieting.

Lose Weight, feel great with Hypnosis

Food makes a convenient target for anger, hatred and blame when it comes to losing weight. While this focus can feel right in the short term, it doesn’t have the “gas” to travel through your recovery from overeating tendencies, and thus will only fall short in the long run. Hypnotherapy will help you see food as physical sustenance instead of emotional sustenance, allowing you to enjoy eating again instead of viewing it as the culprit to your curves. After all, you need to eat for the rest of your life – why not look forward to each meal instead of loading up your plate with expectations, disappointments and fears?

Hypnosis therapy is all about you, which means there aren’t any weigh-ins, embarrassing checklists or an audience looking at you while you’re feeling vulnerable. You are in control of your own sessions, from initial scheduling to the guidance paths your hypnotherapist uses to help you. You are struggling with the weight of your mind as well as your body, and your hypnosis therapist is ready to lighten that burden for you. You can relax and be yourself in a weight loss hypnosis session, an important consideration if you’re dealing with the frenetic energy of weight loss programs, gyms and meetings already.

The role of dieting & hypnotherapy

Many effective dieting supplements and programs are taken during the course of your dieting routine to increase results, and weight loss hypnosis therapy is no different. Your hypnotherapist will not only help you face and defeat the emotional hurdles that are holding back your weight loss progression, they will also provide you with a mental image or idea to focus on. While you’re walking, running or using gym equipment, this image or idea will help you remain firmly on the path to weight loss and resist temptations. Get rid of body fat as well as the heavy self-image issues that are weighing you down with weight loss hypnosis. Our hypnotherapy staff will show you how to shed inches and unhealthy compulsions at the same time, so call our office right now to get started.

You can just imagine the anticipation building as people fill into the room and take their seats.  You have the keynote speaking role and people are waiting to hear you share your expertise with the room. These horrible feelings have been building up for months inside you but tonight the pressure is boiling over. Your palms begin to sweat, your mouth becomes dry and your heart feels like it might break through your rib cage.  If you think you are the first one to find yourself in this predicament, you would be wrong. Many across the world are afflicted with glossophobia, or fear of public speaking.

Face your fears about Public Speaking

You’ll either have to stand and face the music now, or you’ll be running from this one the rest of your life. Public speaking is an important skill that we are called upon to use from time to time because we have become trustworthy in a particular subject.  Maybe you have become influential in your companies leadership structure or perhaps you are an expert in your field.  Sometimes, neglecting speaking roles can hinder your success.

Condition yourself for success, with hypnosis

It all comes down to proper conditioning. We really don’t have much control over the situations we will face, we can only hope to gain control over how we react to the situations that present themselves.  Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, to tap into the decision making part of the brain that governs our internal defense mechanism. While under hypnosis, the mind is receptive to positive suggestions and affirmations that will act as anchor points when you are invited to participate in public speaking engagements.  Through hypnotherapy, you will gain confidence in your ability to act as an expert in your field through public speaking roles.  Through hypnotherapy you will become a more effective contributor in meetings that used to give you anxiety 


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