Amazing and heartfelt testimonial from our Mayor and Senator, Nicholas J. Sacco:

Mr. Hirschel employs a unique blend of various motivational modalities to achieve positive changes in the lives of the participants. His recent seminar was well received and resulted in many very desirable changes. Based upon our experience, I would highly recommend Mr. Hirschel to anyone seeking an enjoyable, beneficial, and uniquely uplifting experience.

Nicholas J. Sacco
Mayor of North Bergen

I’d like to strongly recommend this class for all photographers! Gene presented the philosophies of the class in a very effective manner so that anyone could apply the concepts to their own current situation in life.
Gene’s confidence and enthusiasm shines right through his personality and enables him to present the class in a clear, concise and fun manner…
The real story here is my results. Within two weeks after the class I had several new clients, and within a month I was fully booked for the next few months. I now understand how my actions and thoughts affect my client interaction, and I’m able to attract business like never before!

Karen Farber, Photographer, Edgewater, NJ

I had an opportunity to attend a presentation by Gene Hirschel and thought ‘why not.’ I was so glad I decided to go. Gene’s calm manner and concise way of delivering the information was a pleasure. He also shared some very effective techniques that he guided us through to feel better and have an improved awareness. Everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, which was demonstrated by the comments they shared at the end. His insight into the process of teaching is enlightening.
Thanks again Gene.

Tom Nicoli

Mr. Nicoli is a dynamic seminar leader and lecturer, with frequent guest appearances on television and radio programs worldwide including NBC News and Dateline NBC.

“Gene brings together various schools of thought to teach a workable program of weight loss that is effective and practical for the participant. Gene uses unique methods to effectively teach us so that the lessons sink in while we are in the classroom – so everything is effortless thereafter. Gene is an enlightened practitioner with a unique program that, for those seeking weight loss or other goals requiring behavioral change, should pursue”

J. Haas, New York Attorney
“I lost 47 lbs effortlessly and kept it off over for 2 years so far!”
“Through my work with Gene I have discovered an inner peace and strength that has allowed me to refocus my energy towards self improvement, weight loss, and overall well being. Gene has a passion to assist others through his services. He is a very compassionate, warm, caring, and sensitive man that genuinely cares for the well being of his clients. From the first time we talked I felt at ease with Gene and could feel the positive affects working with him. I highly recommend Gene’s work.”

Kim Molten, Senior Engineer at the Vermont Power Company
Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming services you provided to me. Your skills are exceptional. You conduct your work with remarkable intelligence, creativity, and enthusiasm. Moreover, your obvious dedication to your profession inspires confidence and trust, which contributed notably to my successfully resolving my personal issues. I would be delighted to recommend your services.
Thanks again for your help.

Robert Enteen, PhD President of Medical News Focus, author and radio personality specializing in medical issues
“Truly an Inspiring and Empowering experience! Gene has the ability to open your mind to new dimensions… Perfect for anyone and everyone who seeks to expand their mind… even for those without a particular intention, experience Gene’s work and you will learn some amazing things!”

Jiro Goh, Spiritual Healer, founder of
I met Gene in Hong Kong, really out of curiosity for his work…at the same time I felt I could shed a few sizes…so we went to work. Gene talked me through my situation and at the end of the session did some hypnosis…I left feeling great! A week later I came back for another session which was dynamite…I could feel how everything Gene was saying was taking strong hold and helping me work with my body to gain slimness. I had changed my perspective on food and body. At the end of the second session, Gene again used hypnotherapy and wow…I had never been put in such a deep trance…and now I am happily gaining slimness, all the while not depriving myself of anything…the difference is, my body tells me when it has had enough! What joy!
Thank you Gene…and thank you from my slimmer body too!

Jacqueline Muller, Hong Kong, Founder of 3DOM Executive Dynamic Living Coaching and Sacred Journeys
“After only one brief session, I was instantly less anxious and found I even slept better at night without worrying about the economic crisis. No small task! After one month, I still feel less anxious and stressed out. I believe our work together created a new window of brain activity that “taught” me a better way to deal with stress. I look forward to continuing this process with you. Let’s work on changing my eating habits. I’d like to lose 10 pounds, too!

Eva in Dallas

“….I was skeptical, but after only 20 minutes Gene got me to visualize the pain in my neck and shoulders and considerably reduce it by helping me to relax with simple images. Easy to say, but not so easy to do. Gene walked me through it and showed me how unconscious tension contributes to my physical symptoms and that I can control it. I am a skeptic no longer…Thank you”

Robert… Annandale, NJ.

I am a Family Practice Physician and have been trained in both allopathic medicine and CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine). I have attended several classes taught by Gene and have witnessed amazing changes for both myself and other students. I have also referred clients who have had sessions for pain management, phobias, anxiety and PTSS with consistently positive results.

I can see the great value that the use of Gene’s techniques have in changing dysfunctional behaviors and beliefs that impact the health and well being. There is certainly a very important role in further exploring and developing this area to understand the root of many of these disorders.

Angela Hon, MD, New York, NY

“After Justin’s injury last winter, 2008, his confidence in his snowboarding skills weakened. He has struggled all this season to be the snowboarder he once was. I just want to let you know that the hypnosis and NLP work that you performed for Justin has worked wonders: He came in 4th for the State Snowboard Competition in Stowe on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009, for the Rutland High School Snowboarding Team. He spun a 7 on the half pipe; this maneuver is something he has been working to accomplish this season. He really feels that your work played a huge part in this.

Thank you and I look forward to using your services in the future.”

Mona Frybarger, Guest services, Killington Grand Hotel and Spa

“I just wanted to follow up with you about the session you had with Kali (age 13) & Spencer (age 10) a few weeks ago.
Right off the bat, I noticed a confidence in Kali I hadn’t seen before. She is a pretty independent and self-confident 13 year old, but after meeting with you she took on some challenges not typical of her personality. Within 24 hours of meeting with you, Kali planned to meet with one of her old classmates, who is a freestyle skier. Along with two others, the four of them headed out for a day of skiing and riding. I should add that these three were all boys she has known for years, but would have never dreamt of riding with. The ages ranged from 11 to 15 and skill levels were all very high. Kali met this challenge head on and hung in there. Kali ended her day feeling pretty confident in herself. Since then, she has had similar days where she has gone out on the hill with people who she would have never done so before. She is confident in her skills, and is pushing herself to improve.

Spencer was racing against kids who had placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at their local mountains during qualifying events throughout New England. Spencer did not qualify the official way when the race came to Killington & Pico in January. So with nothing to lose, he stepped into the starting gate. He didn’t bother to shed his light-weight jacket, although he did have his speed suit on. He took off like a bullet, and finished 9th out of 40+ skiers in his age group. All winter he was always in the bottom quarter of the racers, sometimes more than 10 or more seconds slower than the winner. Spencer finished within 1.5 seconds of the leader! I had never seen him ski this way through gates and was very proud of him. The confidence we see in his free skiing finally made it into the race course!

So with just 45 minutes worth of you talking to them, we all saw a change. I imagine that a more intense session before next ski season will be a necessity.

Thanks Gene!

Barb Wood, Owner Services Manager, Killington Grand Resort and Spa, Vermont

I wanted to let you know I had very, very positive thoughts on the way home and a good true smile…..I know I can ski the slopes I choose and enjoy the fact that I will get down them with my breathing, balance, and the colors that make me confident…this is good.

The rest of the day went fine……and with no poles! Thank you for all your suggestions…especially the Zen! I really don’t think I had my body in the right place all this time. I need to get out there and feel that force and balance again. Yes, those steep places were in front of me –and– I DID GET DOWN THEM! Each time with more ease…..I’m keeping the thoughts in line with what I want my brain to work with…

Now I think about the mountain, and the scene I get in my mind is so good, actually very pretty! And I do look forward to putting all this into action on the slopes. So now when I ski I will enjoy hearing music and picking out skiing songs that will accompany my skiing. Thank you for your direction and I look forward to seeing you again…socially in our ski group, skiing or if needed in a session… I look forward to my dreams tonight ….I know they will be of skiing….I’ll focus on that… I’m going to play tennis tomorrow…another beginner sport…..and now I’m confident I will do just fine!

p.s. I will definitely refer other reluctant skiers to you!

Hi Gene….short email …we are at the Burlington airport on our way to Florida. Warmth!
I wanted you to know I did get out skiing yesterday……I had a totally different mind set about the slopes…..very positive thoughts and kept those songs going as I went down. This is good! I’ll keep you posted

Barbara Bradfield, Vermont

A session with Gene will definitely open up your mind to new possibilities that you may never have considered. His down-to earth approach, combined with his sharp skills of perception left me with increased motivation to do what I need to do, together with some valuable, practical tools to help me on my way.

Siobhan Li

“I enjoyed the session very much, it was really fantastic. I was able to let go matters, old patterns and thoughts in my past that no longer serve me anymore with just a click, almost like magic, it also strengthen me and assist me to open up more and allow myself to dive in and enjoy every moment of my life journey from now onwards, embracing myself totally, and attract all the good to my life!”

Carey Hui

The Session That Changed My Life Forever ~ Yuling Zhao

It was a fine August Tuesday afternoon, pouring cats and dogs on the streets of Grand Central in New York City. It was a fine day because it was one of those days in a person’s life that they can point to and claim it changed their lives forever.

We went right in to the “homework” of what I thought of myself and why I believe I’m not more successful in life and my job searching process. I went through my village pig-farmer life in China the first 10 years of my life, then how my family moved to the metropolis of Lower Manhattan, New York City and the ups and downs of my life thus far. At first, I kept on emphasizing my belief of the lack of self confidence, then Gene suggested something that miraculously changed the way I see myself and my life forever.

He began by asking if I was religious. To which, I replied I was not, but that I did believe in karma. Then he said “Imagine for a moment, that before you were born, you got to see all the different choices of lives you can live. You’ve chosen this one because you didn’t want an easier life. That would be too boring. So instead of asking why things are not happening, think of it as the life you’ve chosen.”

I didn’t realize at the time, but gradually, I realized that I’m less tense around my family and friends because I am now walking around with this “air” of belief that everything that has happen and will happen in my life (good or bad) I have chosen. I am less negative about my luck and life. The result is that there is less tension at home and I’ve even gotten much better results in my personal and professional life.

Yuling Zhao

I would like to thank you for your session with me.

Gene has helped me loose 16 lbs. in over a month with out doing anything diet. Without the extra weight I feel much better. For example I am able to enjoy walking in the park and enjoy going museums. Gene has also helped me become more secure with myself. I had difficult time at work with miss understanding my boss that ended up with scream and yelling. With Gene’s help, I am able to manage these situations. Now I am able to get out of it, not take it to hart and make him stop screaming. I am looking forward loosing more weight and becoming more secure with myself.


So great to meet you and work with you this weekend.

No chocolate so far. This is the longest ever! Progress is being made and I’m happy…


Thank you so much for the work we did during our sessions.

Recently I visited the house from my childhood. The fear that I might have a relapse was unwarranted. No longer haven an attachment to the place or to the people there. I feared that I would break down and cry or something, but now I truly have outgrown the place and left home.

I found peace and a resolution. I am no longer haunted by the past or interested in dwelling in it. I am looking forward to the future and the challenges that will lie ahead. I am ready.



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