Anger Mechanisms

It isn’t pain from the past, core beliefs or attitudes that trigger anger. Anger is something very simple: a critical mechanism that increases respiration and blood flow via adrenalin and other mechanisms that enable a person to effectively fight a threat. So, the questions becomes, what are the triggers of anger. And that is where all the work should be focused on: if a person can clearly see a situation as safe on all levels, the anger isn’t triggered. Once the anger is triggered, parts of the brain are switched off to divert energy to legs and arms for running and fighting. We essentially become lizards.
The path to fix it is simple: precondition the triggers as safe events, there are a number of ways of doing that, but NLP and hypnosis are most effective. The events are triggered and perceived as safe, there isn’t any lizard brain nor anger to deal with. If a person thinks they are unsafe for any reason, the lizard steps in and all bets are off. The neo-cortex is shut down or just observing. The work must be done before the trigger occurs or its too late.
Adults or children, it doesn’t matter. We have these mechanisms as do other mammals to keep us alive and safe. We can be taught what is actually safe, thought it may take some doing after the trigger/reaction has occurred a number of times, as the anger and results of said anger become what is feared and thus triggers the anger. Any anger can be switched off using these methods if the client/patient is committed to changing.

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