About Gene Hirschel

Gene Hirschel is the creator of Vital Trance life transformation in the New York City area and seasonally at Killington, Vermont. The Vital Trance therapy method fuses advanced hypnotic and trance technologies with the latest behavior change techniques that recent research demonstrates are beginning to reshape traditional medical and mental health sciences.

Gene has over 25 years experience in these change technologies, including Quantum NLP, Generative NLP, Ericksonian therapies and much more. He has taught in the US in venues such as New York City, Vermont, New Jersey; and in addition, as far away as Hong Kong. Gene offers Personal Life Coaching programs and uses Hypnosis and the Vital Trance method therapeutically for families, couples and individuals who need to make changes in life that can’t wait for months or years of traditional talk therapy. He is also a speaker working with clients as varied as financial institutions to local education institutions. He is available to speak on topics such as self improvement, communication skills, weight loss, sports performance, stress management, motivation skills, behavior shaping, and relationship enhancement.
His own training includes a Hypnosis certification at the Tiers school of Hypnosis, a Master Hypnotist certification with the world famous Hypnotist George Bien, he is also trained as a Master NLP Practitioner and in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy through Doug O’Brian at the Center for NLP and Hypnosis. He studied Somatic Healing at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis with the founder David Quigley. He has also studied with Frank Farrelly, one of the innovators that lead to the creation of NLP. He is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, as well as by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Mr. Hirschel employs a unique blend of various motivational modalities to achieve positive changes in the lives of the participants. His recent seminar was well received and resulted in many very desirable changes. Based upon our experience, I would highly recommend Mr. Hirschel to anyone seeking an enjoyable, beneficial, and uniquely uplifting experience.Senator Nicholas J. Sacco of NJ

Recently Gene became on of the few Americans to study the Virtual Gastric Band method of weight loss which was recently featured on Good Morning America. This method has been clinically proven to work with 95% of participants in a recent clinical study in the UK.
Gene can be reached via email gene@vtrance.com or 1.888.963.7245. He is available as a speaker and for private, phone and group sessions.

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