educationWhen students suffer from a bad emotional relationship with exams, coursework, and exam conditions, they may suffer from any or all of the following problems:

Disproportionate anxiety during examination periods
Disrupted sleep, or eating patterns
Severe procrastination over revision, and coursework
Bad exam experiences, e.g. panic attacks
Consistently underachieving in exam results

These issues can have a huge negative effect on a student’s academic performance and record, but also cause enormous amounts of stress and unhappiness.

Through the use of counselling techniques, NLP, and simple visualisations methods taken from Hypnotherapy, this program will massively increase a student’s confidence, determination, and focus around exam time. It will also reduce their anxiety, improve their study skills, and improve their memory recall. All this leads to much better academic performances, and far greater emotional well-being for the student.
Whilst a certain amount of anxiety is natural around exam time, for some students it is crippling, and very damaging. However, these students can learn to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence, and feel comfortable in exam conditions. This isn’t magic, or trickery, but simple, concentrated, techniques which allow an individual to take control of their emotional state, and remain focussed and confident whilst being challenged. This program, in just a few sessions, enables students to overcome their anxiety, and gives them the confidence to perform to their maximum ability.
Helping students learn to learn in the way that is best for them
Although we are taught many things in school, we very rarely learn the best way to learn. It is often assumed that everyone automatically knows how to study, how to revise, and how to organise their work and thoughts. It is also often assumed that everyone should study in the same way. Both of these assumptions are very dangerous, and are damaging the education of many students today.

Psychological studies have identified that students relate to learning in different ways, and that using the correct techniques for the individual can totally transform academic performance. As part of this program I will help a student identify the very best techniques for their studies, and show them how they can be implemented. Many students spend hours struggling at study activities which simply don’t help them, rather than studying the way their mind wants to learn. Learning the right techniques for them will make them feel happier, more able, and hugely improve their performance. These are techniques and ideas that every student should know.

Students who learn self-hypnosis gain self-confidence and the ability to focus more readily. This leads to better concentration in school, better retention, reduced test anxiety, and a host of other side benefits like higher self-esteem. So I make it a point to teach self hypnosis to as many students as I can, even if they don’t seem to need help in school.

For students who do have performance problems in school, I have an array of things I can help them with. If test anxiety is a problem, I help the student learn to relax during the exam and focus his mind on the subject. For students who are bright but lack motivation, I help them to work smarter instead of harder by harnessing their subconscious minds’ ability to absorb and retain vast amounts of information, which improves recall and can help make study time more effective. For a student who knows the information but has a difficult time recalling it, I can help her to find alternate ways of unlocking the file cabinet in her mind when she needs to.